Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Kill 1 Pelican with 2 clothing lines...

Dope shirts. Sure.
Same clothing line. No.

So I was looking at male hip-hop fashion just to stay up-to-date, and I ran across a brand called Bird Club. Automatically, I was taken aback because the logo looked familiar.

Fli Pelican, a brand that I was first introduced to my freshman year in college(FALL 07) immediately came to mind. This Bird Club Brand definitely looked Fli Pelican-esque.

Im not sure if one line inspired the other, or if it was merely a coincedence. Nowadays nothing is new...just newER renditions.

Either for whichever line doesnt get MAJOR attention first...but really what can they do?

Shoot a bird maybe?


Everytime I put in some nigga stock rises like 1000%...wsup with that? And I promise never fails. I end up meeting a guy thats into music or entertainment (so he says) and thinks that if he drops names of all the people he knows or works/worked with I'll get really excited and maybe my panties will melt off...good luck with that. If you know me well, you know I LOVE my weave...but the longer I keep it in the more I miss my naps...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

an interesting ?

so today i was watching jersey shore dont ask why but umm a commerical came on talkin about 4 guys with a list of 100 things with one question... and they were trying to do 100 things but with everything they do they were goin to ask someone what they wanted to do before they died? and try and help them accomplish that goal. so i decided i would ask my closest friends and got some interest responses... but yeah soo if you dont already kno "what do u wanna do before you die?"...but i think that we should do this like the summer after we graduate come up with 100 things to do that would satisfy what we wanna do before we die... other then fall in love cuz that comes wit time but umm yeah soo lets make a list well if everyones down...

but umm today i just layed around all day which gave me time to think and relax but idk heres my 1st one of these hope u enjoy...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

D.O.S. (Death of Santa)

I stopped believing in Santa when I was in the 7th grade. That might be hecka late, but HEY my parents did a good job of keeping things quiet. But parents, big sisters, big brothers, aunties and uncles, BEWARE OF THIS VIDEO! All your hard work of hiding presents and standing in long lines to take those cute pictures with Santa @ the mall may go down the drain if your kids happen to see this video that is playing in between cartoons on a kid-popular channel. The song sorta questions the magical mysteries of Christmas and makes Christmas SCARY. made me sorta scared too. You think little Johnny got more skeptical about the stork theory after science camp? You want skepticism? Just wait till he sees this video! Jay-Z has D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) and Fred Figglehorn has D.O.S (Death of Santa).(Irony: the song uses autotune!) Ok, well its not really called death of Santa, but still...if I was sitting with my little niece, nephew or cousin and this vid came on I'd turn it to Law and Order or Girls Next Door or something. Hey, the kid might grow up to be a serial killer, or a stripper or something, but for now, they'd still believe in Santa Claus. Mission Accomplished!